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Proof there is a God  and He created everything

When you see a painting you know there was a painter.

When you see a building you know there was a builder.



When you look anywhere you see the creation, you realize the creator is highly intelligent, complex, creative, and all-knowing there was and still is a creator.


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The Three greatest questions of life

God cannot stand the prayers of anyone who disobeys his Law. Proverbs 28:9

1. Where did I come from? The answer is in Genesis 1.1 God created everything 
2. Why am I here? That's found in Genesis 15:6 and Ecclesiastes 12:1 Youre here to determine your destiny, fear God, and keep His commandments for this is the duty of all mankind. For God will judge every secret thing whether good or evil Hebrew 9:27 
3. Where am I going? that's in Genesis 25:8 Your lifeline determines whether you will spend eternity with God in the new Jerusalem on earth or whether you will spend it in the lake of fire. Weeping and gnashing of teeth your choice.

We know everything in life was created. We know if something is created there must be a creator.

Proof the Torah is true and divine. If the Torah makes one mistake it is not written by God The Creator

The world has around 72% water 8 miles deep there are millions of fish in all the waters no one has ever found a fish with scales that don't have it possible someone who could have written this over 3,000 years ago who could have written such a thing except the creator?


The Torah says which animals are good to eat and which ones are not to eat There are 2,000,000 different kinds of animals in the world God gives us two wittness split huffs and chew its cud. Two signs to make sure the animal is cosher God says be careful there are four exceptional animals The pig, Cammel, hair, and Rabbat.


Torah commands Jews to circumcise their babies on the 8-day Vitamin K is 110% only on the 8-day who knew it but the creator?


The new moon never less than  29 days and 1/2  days to complete its cycle told to the Priest that over us 3,000 years ago  The US government calculated it to take 29.530.88  and the Germans calculated  29 530.89 only the creator could know this information.

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